Leading 10 Ideal 160 Meter Antenna Picks For 2022

After utilizing this antenna in the field a pair times, I have officially included it to my arsenal of portable antenna choices. A while back, I tested myself to see what type of antennas I might make from a cheap 50-foot roll of two-conductor audio speaker cable. This time around I made a number of end-fed halfwave wires for the 40M as well as 20M bands. For the radiator, take one of the 50-foot cables and also kink a little ring lug to one end– right over the insulation. This offers you someplace to link a line to lift it up. On the various other end, just strip off a half-inch or so of the insulation.

Although my first getaway with this antenna was encouraging, I need to invest some more time utilizing it on bands aside from 20M. Anyway, it was an enjoyable– and also economical– antenna job. Strip as well as solder the loose ends of the 35.5-foot cords together. Place some electric tape or shrink tubing over the splice. Measure off 35.5 feet from one end of the audio speaker wire. Location a tiny zip-tie around the cord at this moment.


PackTenna makes ultralight, mobile HF amateur radio antenna systems as well as accessories. Ace Rewards participants spending $50 or more are qualified to obtain free Following Day distribution on in-stock orders. Orders should be placed on days the store is open, prior to 4pm neighborhood time or 2 hours prior to store closing time, whichever is previously. You have to know the size/dimensions of your 160 meter antenna. Therefore, it is recommended to learn more about the product dimension beforehand.


Likewise, the PackTenna TrekMount preformed perfectly with both telescoping BNC antennas. Gaston, The Technology Prepper, operates portable with the PackTenna linked dipole from Arizona. radio antenna wire mobile Thomas K4SWL runs his TX-500 radio with the PackTenna End-Fed Random Cord antenna and also the incredible ZM-2 receiver.

During my first outing with the half-square, I had the ability to make calls on 40M, 20M, as well as 15M at 5 watts without any trouble. The antenna is a half-wavelength on 40M, and it shows up to play well on that particular band. I had numerousReverse Beacon Networkspots on 40M revealing a signal-to-noise of 20db or far better. I applied some Goop ® adhesive to the loop at the end of the cable to hold it with each other. I also added Goop ® to every of the various other add-on loopholes.

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